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Here you will find topics regarding any Plugin Modifications and Extra's
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What is on the burner

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Thought i might discuss with regards to plugs, modules and extras what i have on the stove cookin.

1. Contact Form Block Module - This is a "contact us page" module that can be added to any website easily and provides a simple way to help block bots from spamming the contact us page. It allows for 3 attemps to submit the form, then you get a warning that there is only 1 attempt left. If the 4th attempt fails then they are blocked for 24 hours from submitting the form again.

The status of this module is that it is in full opperation on all of my sites with different variations in the internal process. When it is fully tested and i decide which works best then i will package it up and release it.

2. Video Module - This Module will allow any site to have full video uploads and viewing. It is a stand alone version of my video plugin.  It supports FFMPEG as well as normal PHP upload if FFMPEG is not available. It is packed with features. The status of this module is that it is on the back burner until i have time to develope it.

3. Image Gallery Module - This module will allow any website to have a basic image gallery quickly and easily. This too is on the back burner until i have time to develope it.

4. GDPR for any website - This module creates a bottom banner that notifies users that you use cookies on your website. It gives them a link to the privacy page of your website where you can explain how you use their information and cookies. And it gives them a button to push to acknowledge the policy. The cookie is for 10 days before the banner shows up again. It is a secure cookie. It requires that you know some basic html and js to get the code inserted into the right places. This will be onsale soon for $10 USD.

I have some other ideas bouncing around in the old noggin, i will post those at a later date.
If i can help you let me know :)
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